The One

What if the one isn't so much someone we love, but someone who loves us just as we need it? What if it's not what they trigger in us (emotions, hormones, anxiety) but what they allow us to trigger in them (how they open up their hearts to us, and move towards us)?

What if the one was the one because they made us feel safe, loved, heard, understood, valued, prioritised instead of having us chase, debase, devalue ourselves to reach them?

What if the one was the one because they could offer us a place on their priority list, the space next to them without having us fight, beg, cry for it?

What if the one is the one who steps up for us, takes up the challenge, helps us grow, holds us when the rose coloured glasses are shattered, and doesn't move away when things get difficult?

What if the one is simply the one because they chose us, and made us their ones?


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